Childrens Spectacles


Childrens Spectacles
There is much to consider when selecting a suitable frame for your child. Not only is it vital to incorporate the specific prescription requirements, it is also important for your child to be happy and confident when wearing their spectacles.

Our aim at D.H Thomas is to provide a carefully selected range of high quality and durable, fashionable frames for children. With this in mind we have teamed up with Dr Julie Diem Le a children’s eye doctor who has developed the award-winning “Zoobug” range of optical and sunglass frames designed specifically to meet the requirements of function and fashion for children.

All of the spectacle frames in our children’s range incorporate flexible, durable materials, spring based hinges and fully adjustable nose pad fittings where appropriate, in order to accommodate the rapidly changing facial features of your child during their period of growth.

We also cater for and actively promote children’s eyewear for sports and leisure activities including prescription swimming and ski goggles, protective eyewear for contact sports and, with the increasing awareness of UV protection, a wide range of sunglasses suitable for all ages, even as young as two.

We are very proud to introduce a fabulous new children's range of spectacle frames into our practice.....Oko...
Oko is orientated towards design and technique which is rare in the children's sector and has been successfuly recognised by ophthalmologists.

The range is more than just simple frames, Oko throws open the door to the magical world of children in a fun and colourful way, using animal characters all wearing spectacles. Aimed at children as young as four as well as ten year old pre-teenagers. The frames are original  and unusual with well crafted details and not just miniature versions of adult best sellers.


With the objective of providing a pair of spectacles that your child is comfortable and thus confident wearing, the choice of the spectacle lenses is of equal importance to the selection of the frame.

Polycarbonate lenses are highly recommended for all children. As a strong form of plastic, polycarbonate is pore resistant to shattering and therefore a much safer option for your child.

For children who are prescribed higher powered lenses, the spectacles may look uncomfortably heavy and thick in the standard plastic material. In this case our Dispensing optician s will recommend polycarbonate-based lenses with aspheric design which will reduce the weight, distortion and thickness making them more visually pleasing.

There are additional coating options for lenses including a hard-coat to protect against scratching and Anti-reflection coatings that cut down on uncomfortable glare and remove reflections from the front of the lenses making the spectacles more visually acceptable.

Our Dispensing opticians can also advise you of the options to protect your child’s eyes from the harmful UV rays. Opting for either a separate pair of sunglasses or incorporating photochromatic lenses into their principle spectacles that tint in reaction to UV.

Something for the little ones

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