Computer Vision Syndrome

(CVS) describes those eye related sumptoms caused by prolonged computer use.


Computers use pixels, small spots of light, to make an image on a display screen. Unlike printed or written text the pixels don't form a defined and solid image. When viewing computer text the eyes are unable to gain true focal lock due to text 'blurriness', resulting in their constant adjustment or pulsing to focus. 

With VDU usage, fatigue can lead to a drop in focusing accuracy and therefore the speed of reading.
The increased concentration required also drops the blink rate from approximately 16 – 20 blinks per minute to 6 – 8 per minute leading to awareness and symptoms of dryness.



Any body of any age can develop CVS if undertaking prolonged computer use and is more at risk if using it for longer than 2 hours per day.


An eye examination which involves the investigation of the eye focus, ocular health, muscle strengths and the visual demands is required.


A pair of Computer glasses specifically designed for each individuals needs, may be worn, allowing users to focus on computer screens comfortably.
‘Enhanced readers’ or ‘Room distance’ lenses can also be used to help.
MAR (Multi-layered Antireflection) coatings not only reduce the screen glare but also the fatigue experienced with fluorescent and artificial lighting in the workplace and home.
A pair of computer glasses can be used by contact lens wearers and adjusted to suit their prescription.

Other Associated Issues

Computers users often assume awkward postures to position their eyes whilst working which may lead to musculoskeletal issues such as soreness and pain in the neck, shoulder and back.....a pair of computer glasses will help alleviate this problem.

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