Contact Lenses                                                         Acuvue Centre of Excellence

We are proud of our fine reputation for contact lens fitting and aftercare. Established over a period of more than 30 years,
and we are fortunate to have retained the trust of many patients throughout that period.

As independent optometrists we are not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer, which enables us to source the contact lens
 design and material most suited to your individual needs, lifestyle and prescription.

We specialise in all types of contact lenses from rigid gas permeable, multifocal/bifocal to soft daily disposables. Our clients
range in age from 7 to 97 years old. Following your inital consultation we provide post-fitting aftercare which involves full training for using your contact lenses.

We stock a wide range of contact lens cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting solutions.

Contact lenses are an excellent form of vision correction but only if they fit well and you feel comfortable. We provide you with the best opportunity for success and comfort in this field. 

We are an Acuvue Centre of Excellence.

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