Dry Eye

Dry eye means that your eyes may not be making enough tears, that the tears which are being produced are of poor quality or that the tears that are produced evaporate away. The normal function of tears is to keep the surface of the eye wet and lubricated so any shortage of tears or reduction in their quality can produce a gritty, burning sensation of the eyes and can also disturb vision.


 The symptoms of dry eye syndrome may include:
What are the causes of Dry Eye?
Dry eye can be caused by a wide variety of everyday factors and include:

How is dry eye treated?

In some cases patients symptoms can be relieved simply by altering the external influences above. Protecting the eye from dehydrating influences such as a cold wind by wearing spectacles or sunglasses.
Tears must be distributed efficiently, replaced or conserved in order to provide relief. As dry eye syndrome is caused by an imbalance of tears of the eyes surface the most logical way to treat the problem is to artificially replace the tears and by doing so improve both quantity and quality. Even a watery eye can be caused by the tears evaporating. This results in dry patches, which the eye tries to correct by a flood of watery tears. Sometimes too much tear flow just needs better lubrication. There are a variety of artificial tears available in our practices.
In severe cases of dry eye punctum plugging is avaliable where tiny little plugs are put into the tear ducts to prevent the tears draining away.

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