Please watch the video above of Mr Thomas fitting one of our patients with Ortho-K lenses in the Cambridge Practice

Orthokeratology (also known as Ortho-k) is a specialised process of using gas permeable contact lenses to gently mould the shape of the cornea to correct a range of short-sighted and astigmatic prescriptions. This is similar to an orthodontist using a brace to straighten teeth.

It involves the use of specialist lenses that mould the cornea (fully reversible) during overnight wear, leaving the individual with near perfect vision on removing their contact lenses in the morning.

Most suitable for 10-40 year olds with short-sighted prescriptions (myopia) up to -4.50 and astigmatism less than 1.5 dioptres.

This treatment means no spectacles or contact lenses during waking hours

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