Specialist Care

D.H.Thomas has been established for over 35years which has enabled us to specialise in many fields of optometry. Practice Plan, Eye Plan and Aftercare schemes are all available to spread the cost of your eye care with generous discounts attached.

Orthokeratology - also known as Ortho-K, this specialised process uses gas permeable contact lenses to correct a range of short sighted and astigmatic prescriptions.

Chromagen contact lenses - Designed to help with reading problems or colour deficiency problems. Spectacles lenses are also available.

Colorimetry and coloured overlays
- Testing by a fully qualified dispensing optician at our Saffron Walden practice for people with dyslexia and reading difficulties.

Dry Eyes - A service for those patients who suffer from extremely dry eyes that includes punctal plugs. Please consult your GP about referral to us.

Optos - A comprehensive retinal examination

MPOD - A computerised device for measuring macular pigment density.

Extreme Sports - Everything from prescription swimming goggles to impact resistant eyewear.

I.Profiler - The i.Profiler is a revolutionary way of fine tuning a prescription.

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