Choosing the right pair of sunglasses to meet a specific patients needs can be an overwhelming decision to make as the sunglasses market covers a very wide variety of options, dependent on the nature of activity they are designed for. This choice makes it important that the requirements for specific activities are met and our dispensing team is on hand to discuss these differences.

Due to the independent nature of our practice we have access to various brands and designs to suit different activities. These include Bolle and Zero Rh for alpine adventures, Tag heuer for car racing and Serengeti for flying.
The inclusion of polarised filters and depth of tint can be changed dependent on the activity as this can change the performance for certain activities. This is vital in activities such as flying due to how the polarising filter can affect the view of LED screens and how a Skier sees ice.

It is also very important sunglasses have the correct amount of UV protection due to the long term damaging affect this can have. We strongly advise an appointment with our dispensing team to choose sunglasses to perform and fit comfortably for the purpose they are intended.

Serengeti ultra light glass lens

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